Golden Rim motor inn : discover British Columbia

Searching for that special resort that can provide a reliable, cost-effective, and premium service for you and your loved ones isn’t easy. However, today I will introduce you to one of the best resorts in British Columbia : The Golden Rim Motor Inn.

Golden Rim motel

About the Resort

The Golden Rim Motor Inn is located at the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. It is a resort of the highest quality that overs various packages for its visitors. It’s a private establishment that offers what most vacationers need such as accommodation, meals, drinks, games, and entertainment. At the Golden Rim Motor Inn, you will see a well-maintained golf course and other exciting sites.

Also, if you are bored, you could try the casino rooms where various card games and slot machines exist. The resort contains restaurants, pools, and clubs where you have the fun of your life. There are not only fitness rooms but also spa centres that offer physical activities, diet programs, massage treatments, and other wellness services.

Golden Rim Motor Inn accepts all major credit cards and bank transfer.

Facilities and Services offered at the Golden Rim Motor Inn

Visitors considering visiting the Inn are in for the best time of their life with the plethora of services provided.

The resort allows guests and their kids to play soccer and other kiddies game. The staff regularly organizes quizzes, puzzles, and several competitions for the kids. In addition, guests can feed on various meals offered by intercontinental cuisine and top chefs. While enjoying your view of British Columbia mountains, you eat and drink as your heart desires.

At Golden Rim, you will also find casino games and parties to enjoy yourself until late in the night !

For those watching their weight and that wish to stay fit, you could enter the gym and fitness centre for different sessions.

Golden Rim motor inn

Why you should visit The Golden Rim Motor Inn?

Taking a rest from your job to stay in a resort to gain back some straight and refresh yourself has several benefits. Avenue to have fun and relax, this resort is a place where you can relax and lose some steam. If you have been working all year, you can use this resort to gain your energy back. Different activities organized daily at this place will leave you wanting more.

Guests who want comfort and hope to have a tension-free time are guaranteed that at this resort. No stress, no hard time, you will be pampered like a baby at the Golden Rim Motor Inn. The resort serves as a haven to those who wish to be alone and not disturbed. The rooms have 24-hour security protecting the facility and CCTV to watch for any incident.

Aside from eating and dining, you tend to meet new people who can help you later in life at this resort. Those looking for the love of their life could use this opportunity to mingle and meet new friends. Have you ever thought about having a perfect getaway at a low budget? You can get these and more at affordable rates at the Golden Rim Motor Inn.

Leave the city, spark up your love life, get your family together and visit the Golden Rim Motor Inn today and you won’t regret this experience !