Although British Columbia is defined by its pacific coastline and mountain ranges, it is nonetheless a home to the best casino themed parties in Canada. Read on as we explore the inn in British Columbia where casino theme parties are held.

Casino party cocktail at golden rim

Casino parties at Golden Rim Motor Inn

A perfect example of where to get a casino theme based party is at Golden Rim motor inn. Before we get to what makes it a special hotel, let us briefly describe it.

At this resort, you can enter the casino rooms to play various games in the slot machines. You can also go to the card tables to play baccarat, poker, roulette, and blackjack.

Golden Rim also regularly organizes casino themes parties with casino games and cocktails in the party Hall.

This hotel is nested in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. As it is typical with all British Columbia, this hotel is a major resort that also offers biking and hiking trails. You will most definitely enjoy the water slide and pool when you are at this hotel. The serenity and the tranquility are enough to entice you. Don’t be fooled though, partying time in the hotel is likened to the hustle and bustle and the loud music you get to hear in just any urban area where party has been held.

Roulette game at golden rim

What makes Golden Rim motor Inn a sought after?

It is sometimes rare to get to see an inn that functions as both relaxation and entertainment center. Well, Golden Rim motor inn performs these two functions creditably well. It is known to have an artful collection of musical genre bands. You will find jazz bands, and jazz performance shows at this hotel.

Not only that, you are bound to enjoy some real good online casino games like slots, blackjack, poker if you are a lover of gaming. As it is the case, the best Canadian online casinos bring about fun apart from winning odds that some players are attracted to. Owing to this fact, Golden Rim motor inn has modeled its hotel to take the form of a casino theme based party center, with the help of the experts from This has made it quite attractive to a good number of game lovers.

Quality Food and Drinks Distinguish Golden Rim Motor Inn

Because the excitement never stops in a casino party due to the influx of new players, group games and the twists of winning odds, players often spend considerable number of hours of time in there. Now guess what, Golden Rim motor inn has put in place, quality premium food and drinks.

Here is the thing, the more time you spend in a casino theme party, the more money you are bound to spend on games. In order to serve your all-around needs and ensure complete satisfaction, Golden Rim motor inn has quality food and drinks to quench the thirst of the customers. we very much hope tha we will make it to the top recommended motor inns in Cacada !